The idea:

The idea is to set up an academical and educational tour Targeting the secondary school students who are getting prepared to enroll into the universities for the next academic year within the high-qualified private or governmental Turkish universities. In this regard, the honorable administration of  Al-Manara School was invited to create the opportunity for its students To explore the most important Turkish universities and visit them, to give students the chance to experience the life of the university, to ask questions and inquiries, to take a full idea of  the university education system and university disciplines, and how to set goals and future aspirations starting from defining the right trends and interests ending with maximizing the use of scientific and mental abilities.


Al Manara International Schools

Istanbul Bilgi University



Tour Program:

(12:00)     Starting from the school to the University of Istanbul Bilgi (by Bilgi University buses)

(12:30)   Get to the University of Bilgi and welcome the students and start the tour.

 The trip includes: 1. A tour of the campus and introduction to university departments.

  1. A tour of the Technical Museum of the University of Istanbul Bilgi
  2.  An academical lecture about the university's Departments and how to know and realize the academic trends for each student.

                            4.Break time.

  1. Free time spent by students roaming the campus and communicating with students who already exist.
  2. A group photo that brings together the administration of the university, the students and the accompanying administrators.

(14:30)    Finishing Istanbul Bilgi University’s program

(16:00)   Arrival at the school and totally ending the tour.

Student Registration list

Let’s work together.

We look forward to creating partnerships and agreements with many organizations and academic institutions in the field of educational projects.