Project Idea

  • • Supporting health within educational institutions through health awareness, sanitation of the school environment and promotion of the health of its staff.
  • • Providing therapeutic health services through our distinguished medical network, which is composed of a group of hospitals and health centers

Targeted group

School students at different levels and ages within international schools in Turkey.

Parents and families of students and teachers.

Teachers and administrative staff.

Partners in the project

AKKAM Medical Company

AGEA portal

Wahet Alsiha Company

Kulan International Hospital

International Schools in Turkey

The project

For sure you are well aware of the importance of school health, which has become an important and urgent issue on the list of priorities of the educational process, It is clear to everyone that good health  for  schoolchildren is an investment  for  the future.

Besides that, school health programs are an effective and distinct tool for improving the health and development of societies.

​Where WHO defines health as” a state of physical, psychological and social well-being and not just the absence of disease and disability” Moreover the educational institution in all its stages is an essential source for promoting a community culture that is concerned with the health aspects and operates with its rules.

​Due to the increase in the number of Arab communities in the Republic of Turkey and the high number of schools which has been running in  Turkey, the school administration finds itself faced with a range of health-related benefits within the school, they are required, among other things, to improve the health status of pupils and school staff, thus ensuring that their educational and developmental needs are met, through many aspects such as  the supervision of the granting of routine vaccinations and early detection of diseases and disabilities and follow-up and reduce the effects

​The school administration also has a moral role to play in the necessity of involving the family in the educational process of their children and raising their health and environmental awareness and urging them to maintain the health and safety of their children.

Given the exceptional circumstances that contributed to the presence of many Arab families in Turkey as well as the sudden interruption of the school-related health program in the country of origin, has made the heads of Arab schools in the diaspora concerned with the development of a special health program and committed to all the rules of health monitoring for students throughout their development

​Thus, this proposal puts the school administrations, and the pupil`s parents in charge of the School Health Services Program   through which we demonstrate the range of services you offer to participate in your service program, which we will cooperate to run it through systematic program we will set it together.

School Health Services Form

Let’s work together.

We look forward to creating partnerships and agreements with many organizations and academic institutions in the field of educational projects.