University Information

National University of Pharmacy Ukraine

Ranking 98

Kharkiv is situated in the north-eastern part of Ukraine. Kharkiv is a modern city with a 1.5 million population. It was founded in 1654, and is a large cultural, industrial, scientific, educational, commercial and transport center of Ukraine, with numerous museums, theatres and libraries.

Amazing is the city in its beauty, monuments and architectural contrasts, with the marvelously interwoven past and present: the aristocratic manors of the nobility, Modern Era buildings, constructivist buildings of 1920s, Stalinist neoclassical structures form the unique architectural style of Kharkiv.

The University has advanced material and technical basis which equals 105000 square meters and meets the requirements of world education quality standards. There are 6 university buildings and 5 hostels.

The cooperation with the leading pharmaceutical and chemical factories of Kharkov and Ukraine is an integral part of the training process. 

Now the university has more than 17000 students 1000 of which are foreign ones. The diplomas of the National University of Pharmacy are recognized all over the world.